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App Development Pros has a team of best android app developers in the USA which is specialized in delivering top-notch android apps with unmatched features. Our android developers leverage agile methodology for the purpose of app development. Through an agile approach, iTechnolabs ensures a transparent and timely development of high-quality android applications.

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For every business, start-up, or even service provider, an app is needed. To make an Android app, usually, a team of Android app developers is hired. Here are some points to consider before you choose “app developers for hire” services from any vendor or hire Android app developer for your in-house team. I’m looking to develop a mobile app that can be used on both iOS and Android platforms. I have no preference about which programming language is used for this development, but I am looking for a business app.

Which programming languages are the best for developing Android apps?

We are masters in creating highly-intuitive native apps for every device that exists in the Android ecosystem such as smartphones, smartwatches, smart TV, fitness bands, etc. Android Studio is a prominent Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of Android operating systems. It assists quicker development and emulation, resulting in development of robust and feature-affluent apps. DashDevs delivered smoothly and on time with the app which continues to bring more value over time. Their profound fintech expertise and creative solutions added additional value. Since more customers use smartwatches, there will be more opportunities to develop Android apps and feature them on smaller displays.

For an Android app, you’ll also need increased testing after the app has been developed since you have to test the app on many different devices and operating system versions. Every Android app that we curate is based on Google’s Material Design. The design language lets us use grid-based layouts, responsive animations. Several educational businesses are being updated with online courses, and it is now possible for both youngsters and elders to learn using online methods. We help you ensure the long-term success of your Android application by providing post-release support and maintenance. Access varied tech stacks and build your project in React, Node, Python, Angular, Java, Rails, PHP, Vue, .Net/C#, and many other languages and frameworks.

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The application should have all of the necessary features and functionality to facilitate efficient inventory management. The ideal developer will have experience with hire android agency this type of project as well as familiarity with the development environment and platform. Building an Android app for your business need not be complex and daunting.

One should not have an unrealistic expectation of getting an Android App developed in a matter of days. On the other hand, it may take a year to create a complex Android application. It depends entirely upon your needs and depth of work than what would be the app development time estimates. Change is the only constant of nature, and it is applicable in the case of Android app development. Before hiring an Android App Developer, one should think of the present as well as future app scalability needs of the company or business.

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As developers, we know our stuff and are adept with technologies and platforms. Most new technologies start out as imperfect but we do our best to master. Our skilled team works to reach beyond the mark by creating a success story with each of our client.

hire android agency

A recruitment agency is an external firm that acts as a meeting point for employers and potential employees. In certain cases, it can reach up to 18,000 USD, depending on the skills of the developer. It is one of the lowest salary structures in the world, as far as Android App Developers are concerned.


We create Android Apps that are versatile, secure, and robust to perform efficiently even during a large influx of user traffic for a seamless user experience. Nevertheless, the average duration for building a small-sized app is around 2 months, whereas a medium-sized and a large-sized app may take an average time of 4 and 8 months respectively. Our talented UI/UX designers make sure that your app design is insightful, intuitive, and impressive.

We are a goal oriented team who brainstorm solutions, provide status updates and complete tasks on time for successful end result. We assure you that we offer all these services for free for the next six months of the launch of your app. We use Agile development and hold regular scrum events to fine-tune our procedures and get the best possible outcomes for our clients. We update you on a regular basis and implement your feedback as quickly as possible. As native languages are more mature than cross-platform ones, both Kotlin and Java are regularly improved with new extensions, libraries, and other helpful resources and tools.

Android AppDevelopment Process

The development process can take two to three months for an Android app with a simple design and core functionality. For a more complex app with advanced features such as in-app purchases, social media integration and complex back-end functionality, the development can take from four or six months, if not longer. However, when it comes to reducing the operation’s cost, the best strategy is to look for Android mobile app developers on a global scale. An Android app developer’s cost in the U.S. will be entirely different from that of a developer in Romania, mostly due to the differences in cost of living. Android app development is simply dynamic as it allows seamless integration of your mobile applications with latest technological trends, such as AR, VR, IoT, metaverse, machine learning, etc. Next, we polish your application designs and jump straight into app development.

  • And we have explored all possible solutions – Smartphones, Android tablets, Android Wear, and Android TV.
  • We ensure to provide a competitive edge to your application from that of your competitors.
  • Since more customers use smartwatches, there will be more opportunities to develop Android apps and feature them on smaller displays.
  • It all comes down to what features and technologies you´re seeking with your application.

You could also hire Android app developers through a recruitment agency. Release the power of more innovative mobile applications by creating infinite digital opportunities and connecting with the top app development company, AppDevelopmentPros. We provide top custom mobile app design services solely for your business needs.

Perks of Our Android App Development Services

We will develop an Android app with exceptional user experience, keeping it engaging and easy-to-use. The design will provide a smooth and simple user experience with a stylish look. Build Native Android apps and take advantage of Android’s customisable UI and additional widgets to craft seamless user experiences. Agile development processes coupled with thorough & vigorous testing and QA to deliver high-performance, bug-free and secure apps.






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