10 Senior Python Developer Interview Questions

Join the elite pool of Python developers to get the best career redefining opportunities quickly. Iterators in Python are array-like objects which allow moving on the next element. We use them in traversing a loop, for example, in a “for” loop. For example, a list is also an iterator and we can start a for loop over it. The collection type like a list, tuple, dictionary, and set are all iterable objects whereas they are also iterable containers which return an iterator while traversing.

We use PEP 8 to bring consistency to our code which makes it easier for other developers to read the code. This is because of the integer caching mechanism in Python. To save time and memory costs, Python always pre-loads all the small integers in the range of [-5, 256].

Boost Your Python Skills: From Basic Assertions to Advanced Mocking and Fixtures

We have compiled this list after accompanying dozens of technical interviews in top-notch tech companies. Often, these questions and concepts are used in a Python developer’s daily programming work. But these are most helpful when an interviewer is trying to test your deep knowledge of Python.

The built-in function zip() can be used to aggregate all the iterable objects of an iterator. It can be used to aggregate iterable objects from two iterators as well. By using the zip() function input data from different sources can be divided into a fixed number of sets.

How to Become a Python Developer

Code uses an interpreter to be executed by the machine. Senior Python Developer responsibilities include participating in all phases of the software development lifecycle and coaching junior developers. If you’re a seasoned developer with a love for back-end technologies, we’d like to meet you.

  • Assume there is an image that requires heavy processing and this image must be sent to many users.
  • In the DictMeta class, the __new__ method should call __init__ instead of obj.__dict__.update(attrs) to properly initialize the attributes of the class.
  • Looking for a Senior Python Developer to get the most out of your Development team?
  • Lt can make use of the yield statement to return data during the function call.
  • This works perfectly in tandem with Python’s development community, which connects developers and provides support for them when needed.
  • It is a very simple application framework that has many extensions to build an enterprise-level application.
  • Unpickling is picking the object out of the string representation.

There are hundreds of battle-proven software development experts in our Talent Network. Decorators add functionality to the current function without changing https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/senior-python-developer/ its structure. It can also accept arguments and modify these arguments. Pickling is the process of converting any Python object into a string representation.

What can be the keys of a dictionary in Python?

Yes, Python is a case-sensitive programming language meaning that Variable and variable have different values. A Python library is a collection of modules or packages that offer pre-implemented functions and classes. These libraries provide developers with ready-made solutions for common tasks. The language’s popularity largely stems from its requiring fewer lines of code compared to others like Java or C++. Further, its readability and reliance on a syntax comparable to English make it among the easiest programming languages to learn.

senior python developer interview questions

It not only enhances code readability but also defines code blocks. Proper indentation is crucial for correct code execution; otherwise, you are left with a code that is not indented and difficult to read. The GIL is a mutual exclusion (mutex) that allows only one thread to execute in the interpreter at a time, limiting true parallelism in Python threads. In Python, performance remains consistent between single-threaded and multithreaded processes. We help companies hire, build and manage global teams. We are trusted by industry leaders across the globe – from Fortune 500s and larger enterprises, to some of the world’s fastest-growing startups.

What’s a Rich Text element?

Assume there is an image that requires heavy processing and this image must be sent to many users. To address such requirements, we can process this image only once and cache/store the processed version in a variable. This way whenever we want this processed image, we can just make use of that variable and avoid processing the image again.

senior python developer interview questions

Typically, you can expect an on-site and/or take-home coding challenge. In addition, you will likely also be asked Python interview questions that assess essential soft skills, such as communication and teamwork. Once you have been invited for a Python Developer job interview, you’ll need to brush up on your programming language knowledge and review your projects and achievements. This generator function returns a sequence of numbers from 0 to n-1.


But to be capable of developing good-enough commercial software in Python, many years of practice is inevitable.

This is one of the most impactful and advanced senior Python interview questions. Scalability means creating services and microservices that can handle millions of users (large loads) without going down. This is a challenge that must be handled properly and writing scalable code is one way to make our service scalable. We also have something called Cython, which is the compiled language used to create CPython extensions. The Cython language is a superset of Python that supports several C programming language features.






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